May 19, 2017

Pure Religion Project James 1:27 – Santo Tomas, Guatemala





In 2016 we began holding Bible studies with a vision to open a new church in the canton of San Juan Masa in Santo Tomas la Union. During these months, one of our young men, Carlos Santos (in the video below) began to lead the meetings that we held in a local school. We have seen as many as 80 gather for these services. Souls have been saved here. The work is going forward.

We were approached by those in the community about a building which had been abandoned and was for sale. The price was $130,000 and after much prayer and research we embarked upon the path to follow this vision. It is a giant step, but we have a BIG GOD and we believe because of the past history of this property, it’s size, where it is situated and more that we can not only have a meeting place for our local church, space for our Bible Institute, an orphan home, widow’s care center and a medical / dental clinic – all in one place. We already have received more than $14,000 in hand and promises. We hope you will pray with us. Our vision is beyond our resources – but not beyond Gods. Will you pray? Will you help?